Sunday, August 29, 2004

Luke is 2!! Happy birthday Penguin (ask Drew)

Luke turned 2 today. Wow time flies. I almost don't know where the time went. He got a new bike, he's a pro already having ridden Drew's bike quite a bit. He also got a two wheel scooter. Yes, his big brother has that too. Keeping up with Drew is getting Luke interested in a lot of stuff at an early age. Wholly age inappropriate but you can't stop this kid. He's obstinate. I like that.

We kept it low key, cake with the four of us, Samantha and Dominic. We celebrated last week when Mom and Dad were up and we're doing a bigger deal next weekend on Long Island.

We got to spend a lot of time at the pool earlier in the day. It was fitting that Luke's birthday fell on probably the best weather day of the year. The boys had a blast.

Drew's already gearing up for his birthday. Nov 19 isn't too far off.

Happy birthday Luke Robert.


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