Sunday, August 22, 2004

Once around the park

We took advantage of the great weather today and packed up the tribe for a day in Central Park. We've done this a handful of times and it is always a great time. The kids brought their scooters along today to do some riding. I should have taken a picture of the stroller - - the Ironhorse as I like to refer to it. Two kids, loads of bags, bike helmets and scooters all contained in or hanging off the stroller. But hey, Susan and I didn't have a thing in our hands, it works like a charm.

We parked on 75th & Columbus, great spot two blocks from the park. We entered just north of Strawberry Fields, right above where the Guitar Man plays. Had a nice walk to The Mall where we spent some time. Saw a guy with a HUGE bermese python draped over his neck. Talked to him for a bit, kids petted the snake. I didn't want to stay near it too long, in case it got hungry! Went down to the fountain then stolled down The Mall and stopped to listen to an assortment of street musicians. The kids scootered their way down.

We stopped into the Dairy for some info the stopped for a potty break, Drew and me. Then we went into Victorian Garndens at Wollman Rink. This is an amusement park for the kids located on what will be the ice rink this winter. Pay one price and the kids can go any all the rides as many times as they want. It was great, not too crowded. Drew really like the "magic carpet ride." Had lunch here then made our way back to the mall. We got ice cream and listened to some music.

Then we went to park, I think #153 on the Central Park map. Kids enjoyed it. Drew loved the sprinkler and got soaked. Just as we were about to leave Luke got knocked over by an older kid who barreled past. We found out about 10 minutes later that he got a pretty nasty scrape on his elbow. The kid is tough, he never led on that anything was wrong. We just thought he was ticked the boy knocked him over.

It was time to get going so we headed to our car. Along the way we passed the "acrobats," the street performer who jump, dive and flip for the crowd. We liked them more the last time we saw them. Today the show never seemed to get going and the duo was keen on passing the hat for cash. We took off. Passed Guitar Man but it was too late in the afternoon to stop and Luke had dozed off in the stroller.

Got home in no time and enjoyed Mr. Chu's for dinner, bathed the kids and lights out for the boys. Susan and I did some work. She's going to Ohio Wednesday for some deps.

All in all today was a wonderful family day outdoors in the Big Apple. If I get some pics I'll post them along with this.


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