Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Beslan Massacre

I was just reading an article about this horrible ordeal that took place last week in Beslan, Russia. Terrorists stormed a school and held over 1000 people hostage for over three days. Russian forces eventually acted to end the standoff but it didn't go off well and, as of today, over 350 people, many children, were killed.

This brings me to the point of this post. I am increasingly of the belief that the current war on terror generally will culminate, sooner rather than later, in a nuclear event. Here's my thinking. While the framers of our Contstitution and founders of our country were of the mind that we should not get entangled in foreign wars and that our sole concern should be protecting our land and borders, too much has changed over the last 200+ years to make this a plausible policy stance today. My one and only illustration of this would be the ability of an enemy to launch a nuclear warhead from half a world away aimed at our soil. Washington, Jefferson and Hamilton didn't have to contend with that.

But the Soviet Union had that ability too some may say. Yes, but they also knew if they started something our heavy metal would be on top of them about 5 minutes later. Nobody wins. The current enemy is nowhere and everywhere at once. Who would we counterattack if an attack was launched against us. Where would we attack. It is too difficult to conjure up a plan in this situation.

More importantly, the current enemy continues to display its complete lack of the faintest trace of humanity. The Beslan situation points this up perfectly. These animals are completely devoid of any sort of moral compass. The may say they are commiting these acts in the name of their god but their actions belie this assertion.

There is going to come a point, after some future terroist attack, when the law abiding citizenry of the vicitms' homeland rise up and say enough is enough. We can't continue to live our freedom loving ways under this cloak of fear. To this end, some country, likely us, will put forth a message that we will no longer live amongst terrorist. We will indicate that certain areas of the world that are nothing more than safe harbors for terrorists and we will act decisively through heavy metal. It will likely be a multifocused attack potentially ushering in what some may say is WWIII. But it will be short lived war. The terrorists will have nowhere left to run to.

It's a depressing thought but I don't see how current events can continue to play out indefinetly. Some time in the near future bold action will be called for and I believe the call will be answered. It almost makes the Cold War seem quaint.


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