Monday, September 06, 2004

Labor Day '04

Headed to LI for the long weekend. Saturday was a great day spent on the beach with our tribe, the Clementis and Byrds. Kids really enjoyed the Sound. Maria and Phil lined up a babysitter for that evening so the six of us could go to dinner. Drew wasn't exactly "down" with the idea. He got really upset. Fortunately he was so wiped out from the day he went up to be at about 8:20 pm and nodded off quickly. So the babysitter was moot point. Luke did his best to make us late but Susan finally got him in.

Met Maria, Phil, Kara & Chris at Jonathan's and had a wonderful time. Great conversation among the brothers/in-laws and sisters/in-laws. Emily, Kara's little sister, waited on us. It wasn't too crowded so she got to really take care of us. For dessert she brought one of everything on the menu. Holy button buster batman! They were all great but I paid afterwards. The kicker to the dinner was that George and Sha secretly picked up the tab as Chis and Kara's anniversary present, which just so happened to fall on that day. Thanks guys!

Sunday was a bit overcast and really cool. So we spend the day at George's and Sha's house. The kids rode bikes and scooters. We played football, ran races etc. Had a great dinner and then celebrated Luke's 2nd with a big cake. It was delicious. I'll tag a picture here when I get it developed (note to self, it's time for a digital camera).

Monday morning the kids played out back doing Robbie Knievel jumps with a big wheel over one of Kiki's skateboard ramps. We left before noon and had an easy ride. Spent the balance of the day around the house with waterballoons, Luke's new pitching machine etc. We also lied around the house watching some tube and dozing off now and then. We were all beat. It was a great weekend.


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