Saturday, October 23, 2004

The Hunt 2004

Drew, Maeve, Declan & Matthew on top of Uncle Dan's SUV at the Hunt 2004 Posted by Hello

As far as gorgeous Autumn days, today was about as good as it gets. Spending it outdoors with family & friends was the way to go. The Hunt was just great, the kids had a ball and us adults did likewise. The only slight fly in the ointment was the 4 minutes of panic when Luke decided to wander off. He made his way over to a group of kids jumping in a pile of hay. While I knew all along we'd find him doing something like what he was actually doing, not knowing for those few minutes was just awful. It happened to me one other time, at the mall when I had the boys alone. That's enough for me thanks.

Back to the fun stuff. Bobby and Dan et al. did a great job with the spread. We brought along a mozzerella, tomato & basil spread and two bottles of red. The take away from all food was people just don't seem to eat as much in this type of setting. We had a lot of food left. I guess it's more booze, less food next year. Drew picked McDynamo in the Breeder's Cup race. He came in like charm and we split a pot with Jason, a friend of Dan's. Less our wager we banked $130. Way to go Drew, way to go McD.

Our spot was over on the hill, not to far up. I guess another row or two up would be ideal as far as actually seeing the races, but I did see more racing today than probably all other races combines. This may be due to something else entirely but who knows.

I was throwing the football with Luke and some girl thought it was so cute, thought Luke was a doll. She asked me if this was just the best day ever for me. Well, next to marriage and the boys births, yeah, a day like today is pretty hard to beat. The family, friends, beautiful setting, great weather, good food and spirits, the horses. Sure it would have been nice if some other family was there, but we take what we can get. Drew and Luke had fun playing with Declan. I think Mave was mixing it up with the boys too. I spent some QT with Matthew which was nice.

Saw some old friends that I hadn't seen in years. Jim Kenny, Pete & Maureen McNally, Keving Carey, Doug Heyl, Jeff Knightly. Everyone looked great.

We left about 4:45. Luke fell asleep in the wagon on the way out. We have a great picture which I'll post. They both slept the whole way home. Tomorrow Susan and the boys are doing an American Heart Assoc. walk in Roseland. Susan has a friend or two from work who have volunteered to push the boys in the stroller. I'm off the Giants Stadium with Theo for Giiants vs. Detroit. I'll check back later.


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