Wednesday, October 20, 2004

An Ugly Record

The Yanks are on the verge of setting an ignominious record, losing in the ALCS after being up 3-0. Rob took me to the game last night, Sec M32, seats 12 & 13, about 25 rows up from the left field line foul pole extended - - literally, he had to lean a little right to see the batter and I leaned a bit to the left. Probably the least entertaining game of the series but we had a great time nonetheless. Thanks Junior.

So tonite we'll hunker down to the rubber game and see what happens. As I discussed with my brother-in-law, it sort of feels like Torre is overstaying his welcome. Will a win tonite change that, maybe. But it's something we both sort of feel in the gut.

Go Yanks!


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