Monday, November 29, 2004

Self portrait, dad and Drew, Saturday Nov 27, 2004. Posted by Hello

Leaving Sec. 328 at Giants Stadium. NYC skyline always seems incomplete now. Posted by Hello

Future Trojan of Fightin' Irish? That's the USC vs. ND game on the tube, USC crushed them. The true frosh Dwayne Jarret from New Brunswick, NJ should be something special in the pros. He's tearing it up for the Trojans already. Posted by Hello

Drew's right hand as of Saturday, Nov 27, 2004. Posted by Hello

Drew's right foot as of Saturday Nov 27, 2004. Posted by Hello

This is a ceramic tree that Great Grandma Angie made years ago. We've had it for a few years but didn't have the little bulbs for it. Mom's friend got them at a craft store. It's great to have it lit for the holiday season. Posted by Hello

Pre-lit christmas tree. Only in America baby. Posted by Hello

We did the inside decoration on Saturday Nov 28th. Here's a glimpse of the tree. Posted by Hello

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Bobby showing the Eagles fans who's Number 1. It was a rainy tailgate but game time turned beautiful. But the Gmen got trounced and with it any hope of a wildcard. Posted by Hello

Thomas hopped in Uncle Andy's car for the trip down to his driveway. Posted by Hello

Susan with the boys, giving Santa an early scoop on what the boys would like to see under the tree. Posted by Hello

A classic. Charlie Brown and the elusive football will never go out of style. We need to get the TV specials on a DVD set. Posted by Hello

Drew looks like he's fading a bit. The NYPD marching band is playing a tune behind. Posted by Hello

Sponge Bob. Posted by Hello

Papa and Luke checking out the parade. Posted by Hello

This is Digit from a TV show called Cyberchase. Drew likes to watch it every now and then. I was surprised it was in the parade. The character is voiced by comedian Gilbert Gottfried. Posted by Hello

Drew having a great time at the 2004 Thanksgiving Day Parade. Posted by Hello

Drew having a great time at the 2004 Thanksgiving Day Parade. Posted by Hello

Drew sporting Angus' hat as Sha looks on. Posted by Hello

This looked better live. It's the Empire State Building peaking above the building I was walking past. Posted by Hello

Drew holding Papa's hand as we head west on 34th St. We had a great time on what turned out to be a wonderful weather day. Posted by Hello

The parade closer, Santa rings in the start of the holiday season. Posted by Hello

Unlike Garfield, Kermit seems timeless. Posted by Hello

George in action, shooting a shot looking east on 34th Street. Posted by Hello

The most underappreciated Sesame Street character. Give him his own segment like Elmo and Grover would be the man! Posted by Hello