Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Election 2004

Bush wins. It isn't official yet but I'm going out on a limb. This reminds me of 2000. I videoed Drew and I watching the election from the hosital room after he was born. Now this was a good 2 weeks after the vote. On tape I said it looks like Gore wins due to some Florida judicial ruling. Well, we know what really happened. But I do think Bush wins here.

As far as our vote, we were a split household. Susan voted Kerry based primarily on the stem cell issue. This despite Drew lobbying for GW in the voting booth. We took the little guys with us. They're going to be old hands at 18 because I think they gone to every election since birth.

On Sunday at brunch I indicated I was going to vote for the Libertarian candidate. However, on election day I pulled the Bush lever. My overriding factor was the outside chance that GW2 will attack the tax code. There were trial balloons floated a few months ago about scrapping the tax code. While it is likely a very long shot, the mere fact that it is being talked about is encouraging. Also, a second term gives them the freedom to get "primitive" and try stuff that would be verboten in a first term. This could get interesting coupled with majorities on both houses as well. The big problem here though is this administration spends money like a drunken liberal.
Where's Ron Paul when we need him most. My hope is with all this ammunition GW2 gets back to truly conservative principles and chops the US government down to size, in 4 years rendering it a mere shadow of its current bloated state.

How do I reconcile my vote with my problems with the administration? Simply put, I couldn't vote for Kerry and any alternative was really no vote at all. That said, I hope with the election over, Bush has the freedom to get real about Iraq.

More later.


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