Thursday, December 16, 2004

Have You No Sence of Decency?

Maybe the tide is turning. Rummy got upbraided by a grunt about lack of armor on vehicles. Rummy said we can't get it any faster from the supplier. The CEO of the supplier comes on TV to dispute this, saying their manufacturing is nowhere near capacity. More bs from this gang that can't shoot straight. The rhetoric is changing, many more conservative voices are suddenly "off message."

What prompted this post was a recent settlement for an outfit called First Command Financial. This outfit ostensibly provides financial services to our service men and women. What they're really doing is selling investment products with obscene front- and backend loads reaching, at times, up to 50% of the invested funds.

I beat myself up over lowering client expenses. Here you have an outfit using young men and women, many or most who lately have more important things to worry about - like dying in Iraq, to line its own pockets. Forget Kerik, who vetted this outfit? Why not ask Vanguard to create a unit dedicated solely to service this group? Maybe no one at Vanguard is connected militarily.

It's all one big shakedown. And if you can't see it you're not paying attention. Everyone in the elite inner circle of this administration wants to make a quick buck from this war effort. This is nothing new. Haliburton, First Command, it's all the same. All off the sweat, tears and blood of our "all volunteer" force.

The question that I have, and I know the answer, is how do some of these characters look themselves in the mirror? The answer is "easily." Cats like this have no conscience. As Joseph Welch once asked, "Have you no sense of decency sir?"


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