Friday, December 17, 2004

Lighter Side

I'm off the politics/war rant. Tired of it.

We bought a GMC Yukon. Having it shipped up from Florida. Hopefully we can get it in time to put it under the Christmas tree.

I like hockey. However, if the pro sport never came back 99% of people wouldn't even know it.

REM vs. U2? (REM)

Weight loss/diet program merchants will always be in business. It's all about discipline and people generally don't possess it. When people said Atkins was here to stay I had to laugh. It's just another fad. To stay on anything long term in well nigh impossible. The merchants just have to keep a ready supply of new short time customers. Pass the pasta!

The boys love their Advent calendars. I loved them growing up but ours only opened up to show a little picture. Drew and Luke get a little chocolate treat as well. Fun.

Kids, generally, are great. Our kids, specifically, are the best thing to ever happen on this earth.

Drew is into the show LazyTown. He can't stop laughing at the closing sequence of Home Alone.

Luke's been a bit under the weather. He's in his new big boy bed, getting ready to start bunking with Drew. Luke's totally into reading his books with us.


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