Friday, January 21, 2005


I haven't posted for some time. I guess the holidays kicked in and I didn't find the time. Just a quick not on ebay. I think it has morphed right before our eyes. Originally it was a place to find some obscure item you needed and someone else had. Or maybe you were looking for a used radio scanner (I sold one years ago on ebay) and someone else was getting rid of one. Today I think you are seeing more and more sellers trying to sell "me too" items, new items. And frankly, the prices are not compelling enough. Most times you can find items cheaper from a more reputeable vendor. Don't get me wrong, I always singled ebay out as THE business model for the internet. But I think we're seeing some sort of maturation point or saturation point. The minute the news of the fee increases hit, I thought to myselft this sounds like it is coming from a postion of weakness, not strength. We'll see how this plays out.

I always thought the network effect would insulate ebay. The thinking is why sell anywhere but ebay since that is where the buyers are. Maybe I have to rethink. Maybe I've got it backwards, maybe the sellers lead the buyers. And I do believe another entrant could come in here with really aggressive pricing and shake up the auction world. In all of tech prices are falling, why should auctions (powered by tech) be any different?


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