Thursday, February 03, 2005

Our Princess Arrives

They say the third time is a charm and it certainly proved so with the birth of Sophia Grace. I was much more relaxed going into this childbirth. Susan had an amnio due to being over 35 (she was 36) so that told us the gender and a host of other things. While there are no guarantess in life, I was just in a more "cool" mood leading up to her arrival.

Maybe too cool. Susan said contrations woke her about 3 am. She got me up at 5 and said this was probably the real deal. She wanted to take a quick shower so I went downstairs to get a bite to eat. I called Joe next door and asked him if he could sit for the boys until Liz got here. Well, Susan gets out of the shower doubled over in pain from the contractions. Let's roll baby!!! Joe gets here, Susan can barely say hello as we hop in the car. On the 5 minute driver to the hospital it was touch and go, we thought I might have to scrub in. We arrived the delivery intake and it was empty. Great I thought, it was jammed when Luke was born. Well, it didn't matter. After I gave the woman our insurance card she was on the phone demanding someone get Susan to a bed stat! The docs did a quick exam and realized we needed a delivery room asap.

They wheeled Susan to the delivery room, inquired into the whereabouts of her OB and said we were having a baby, it was go time. Susan wanted to know about an epidural for the pain, which was beyond the pale. They blew some smoke up her skirt with a "maybe" but I think we both realized the time for that had passed. The resident/attending combo that took the reigns, a girl and a guy, were grace under pressure. It was a frantic few minutes to this point but I had a great feeling about everything.

The nurse put an IV into Susan and wanted her hand at her sides. Well, Susan had other ideas. She had my shirt clenched in her first to the point where I literally counld not get her off. The nurse again told her to put her arm down so I had to physically, I mean physically, pry her hand from my shirt. Reminded me of the stories when some good samaritan musters up the strength to lift a car off an injured victim. Susan was displaying brute strength from an other worldly place.

Well, a few pushes later and out came Sophia. She was just beautiful, lively, angelic. Upon seeing her I was flooded with incredible joy and happiness, feeling on top of the world smiling from ear to ear. I felt like hi fiving to whole delivery team. It was the best. I say this because it was in stark contrast to how I felt with the two boys. Drew came in with his drama king routine, scaring the daylights out of us. It was intense joy interrupted with one of the lowest feelings when it took a bit of time to get him breathing properly. Try that on for bittersweet. With Luke, when he came out aok I was so relieved I couldn't stop crying. The experience with Drew was still etched in my mind so the relief was overwhelming. Three kids, three very different experiences. Just the way it should be I guess, because they are each their own individual spirit.

No private recovery rooms were available but we were put on a wing that is a bit newer. Hopefully Susan won't get a roommate so she can enjoy some quiet time. I always found the quiet solitude of the recovery room a needed moment in time for Susan, me and the babies. It was as though time had stopped, the outside world mattered none. We were together in our cocoon with this wonderful little baby. It was such a peaceful time with each child.

Sophia Grace, we couldn't be happier to say welcome to our family. You've got parents that love you endlessly and two big brothers that can't wait to spoil you rotten. Welcome home precious.


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