Wednesday, March 23, 2005

More Chronicles From Bubbletown

Excerpts from an article in the Arizona Republic:

"It's really frustrating because you can't even have the luxury of going to look at a house and going home to think about it," she said. "If you think you can do something with it, you make an offer and just pray to God it works out."

"We're concerned if we don't get a home soon we might not ever be able to afford one," said Robert, who works in the telecom industry.

If this type of thinking doesn't scream bubble/everyone's on the same side of the boat, I really don't know what does. I've long held real estate ends ugly this time, but lately it appears it is going to be fugly, you know, fucking ugly.

The writing is on the wall. Most just don't want to stop and read it.


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