Thursday, March 31, 2005


We spent Easter weekend in Philly. Susan and I both hold Philly close to our hearts. She spend over 12 years there and me 8. It's also where we met and began this journey. On top of that, Philly is just a user friendly city. We'll keep returning there for years to come.

We stayed at Embassy Suites near the airport, which we won't do again. We'd rather be in the city or closer to the Main Line where some friends are. And the pool, which is a big draw for the kids in the colder months was atrocious. We like the suite setup because it gives us two rooms. However, we never seem to get any free time together. Maybe when the kids are a bit older.

We went to the Please Touch Museum on Friday, our second time. I don't think we'll be back for quite some time. It's nice for the kids, but just not that big. We wanted to get to the Franklin Institute but it just wasn't in the cards. On Saturday we went to the Villanova campus. Of course we didn't realize Easter break closes up the school so we just walked around for awhile. Went to Bertucci's for lunch in Wayne.

Sunday we went to see the Reynolds out in Downingtown. Great house guys, really nice seeing you and the boys.

Susan did a great job with toys, eggs and candy so we had our little Easte hunt Sunday morning in our hotel room.

Nice quick getaway with the tribe.


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